Laminated wooden flooring dealers in chennai


Every Individual often prefers to accomplish their floors with laminated flooring. The laminated flooring typically supplements vitreous elegance to our interior. It upsurges the standard of our living and compliments our personality. If you are in hunt of such laminated wooden flooring dealers in chennai then you must acknowledge about the premium outlet i.e. madras glass and plywood depot.


It is often defined as multi-facetedartificial wooden flooring merchandise merged together with a lamination process. These type of flooring feigns wood with a photographic embellish layer under a clear protective layer. The internal core layer of the laminated wooden flooring is usually composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials.


Laminate wooden flooring is reasonably stress-free for the house owner to install. These are packaged as a number of tongue as well as groove planks, which can be easily clicked to one another. Occasionally a glue backing is provided for ease of installation. Mounted laminate floors typically float over the sub floor on top of a foam underlayment, which conveys moistures and sound plummeting properties.a minor slit is required between the flooring and any immovable objects which allows the flooring to expand without being clogged. Base boards can be detached and then re-installed after layering of the floor is accomplished for a neater finish.


  • They are easy to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring.
  • It also has the advantages of costing less and requires less skill to install.
  • They are reasonably durable and hygienic.
  • They are moderately easy to maintain.


Madras glass and plywood depot is one of the prime wholesaler as well as distributor of construction materials. We offer supreme quality of interior décor and constructional products to offer you immense satisfaction. We are solitarily emerging with the aim of providing unique and innovative products to gratify the utmost requirements of prerequisites clients. If you are in search of such laminated wooden flooring in chennai then straight away visit us.


Glass dealer in chennai


Glass is such a material that we all are familiar with in our routine life. But numerous peoples probably don’t know the essence of glass and how it can embellish our interior.  May interior merchandises or else utensils glass everywhere glass has gained immense recognition and popularity. ifyou are hunting for such glass dealers in chennai then straight away visit us.


Glass is a non-crystalline, nebulous solid that is frequently transparent and has widespread practical, technical, as well as decorative usage. Glasses are used in many of applications such as window panes, tableware and optoelectronics.


There is diverse range of glasses available at our outlet which encompasses of:-

  • Plain Glass– these are the annealed glass is the basic flat glass product that is the first result of the float process.
  • Tinted Glass– these are slightly darkened lenses. These tinted windows allow partial sunlight to pass.
  • Reflective Glass– these glasses are clear or tinted glass that has a very thin layer of metal or metallic oxide on the surface.
  • Figured glasses– it is a kind of decorative translucent glass with embossed patterns on one or both surfaces.
  • Lacquer coated glass– these glasses are colored and opaque in appearance, it is produced by depositing and then baking a coating of lacquer to one side of clear glass.
  • Mirrors– mirrors are the glasses that reflect light and acts as a replica creator.


  • It is a very light weight constructing material hence helps in reducing the dead load of the building.
  • It offers unhindered views thus building the interiors look big. When used in the exteriors it helps in bringing the outdoors into the outdoors.
  • When used as curtain walling in the façade the interiors are flooded with natural light throughout the day thus growing the working efficiency of its occupants.
  • The external glass is canned so as to reduce glare, prevent heat absorption and resistance to UV lights.


Madras glass and plywood depot is one of the leading glass dealers in chennai. We convey preeminent glass to gratify the requirement of our valuable clients. Other than glasses we also deal with wood laminates, timber, plywood, veneers, processed glass, aluminium composite panel  etc. Immediately visit us and grab the best deal from us.


Laminate flooring dealers in chennai


In this contemporary world each and every individual desires to adorn their house with Laminate flooring. Laminate flooring adds panache factor to the interior of our house. The glance of laminate floors boost up the standard of your interior. If you are in quest of such laminate flooring dealers in Chennai then madras glass and plywood depot is the optimum locus to be reached.


It is a multi-faceted manmade flooring product joined together with a lamination procedure.  Laminate flooring apes wood with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. it is a hybrid floor covering made of particleboard wood.


  1. MATERIALS REQUIRED– Amassed wood particles are imperilled to high pressure to form sheets. These sheets have a photo realistic appearance of wood or stone added to the top, and this image is covered with a wear layer.
  2. INSTALLATION-it is installed as a floating floor. Boards attach to each other but not to the subfloor.
  3. JOINREY- Fold and lock is a conjoint style of joining laminate flooring boards.
  4. SUBFLOOR AND UNDERLAYMENT- it needs a virtuous, solid subfloor. Foam underlayment exists in amid the subfloor and laminate, detaching the two surfaces and providing, for a softer footfall.
  5. PRICE- it is inexpensive comparative to solid hardwood, engineered wood, and stone floor coverings. In price, laminate is analogous to luxury vinyl flooring and some ceramic or porcelain tiles.


Madras glass and plywood depot is one of the leading dealer as well as wholesaler of laminate flooring in Chennai. We convey preeminent quality of laminate flooring products to gratify the supreme requirements of our treasured customers. Other than laminate flooring we also deal with timber, plywood, wood veneers, processed glass, aluminium composite panel, Doors and windows, bathroom cubicles, glass facades, railing system, zebra plywood. if you are hunting for such prominent product then straight away visit us.